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This new species of pink orchid looks like delicate glasswork

Popular Science 17 Mar 2023
Spiranthes hachijoensis is a newly identified species of orchid from Japan. Photographed by Masayuki Ishibashi. Around a decade ago, Kobe >University biologist Kenji Suetsugu took a research trip to Japan’s Chiba Prefecture on the eastern outskirts of Tokyo ... “Its vibrant colors immediately caught my attention ... S ... The blooms of S ... CREDIT ... S ... ....

How cancer cells repair DNA damage induced by next-generation radiotherapy

Phys Dot Org 16 Mar 2023
In order to conduct research, the IBS team visited the QST hospital in Japan to use the synchrotron named HIMAC (Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba), which has the ability to produce high LET radiation ... Kato Takamitsu at Colorado State University helped conduct the experiments with HIMAC.

The secret to preserving stem cell identity over time

Phys Dot Org 14 Mar 2023
... Medical Sciences (IMS) and the Tokyo University of Science ... Now, the importance of a complex formed by PRC1 with the protein PCGF1 has been highlighted in a careful analysis of mouse HSPCs by a team led by Ikawa and Haruhiko Koseki, based at both IMS and Chiba University.

Tuesday briefing: How British-Somali citizens are disappearing to ‘culture rehabilitation centres’

The Observer 14 Mar 2023
Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images. There is no universal answer for why families feel the need to do this ... “The film has gripped people because all of us ponder what we could have been, in different lives, different universes, as the result of different life-choices.” Sport.

Non-invasive imaging of spatiotemporal ion distribution across cell membranes

Phys Dot Org 21 Feb 2023
Recently, a group of researchers, led by Daisuke Kawashima, an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Advanced Academic Research at Chiba University, has measured anisotropic transmembrane transport by modifying the EIT technique and improving the ion transport model ... Provided by Chiba University.

Investigating land subsidence in Japan through consecutive DInSAR and the law of material conservation

Phys Dot Org 21 Feb 2023
student at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Chiba University, Japan, along with a group of researchers, applied consecutive differential InSAR (DInSAR) to investigate land subsidence in Yokohama, Yokosuka, and Miura cities of Kanagawa prefecture in Japan ... Provided by Chiba University.

Kyodo News Digest: Feb. 21, 2023

Kyodo 21 Feb 2023
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare eased restrictions on handling coronavirus-infected corpses in a revision to funeral guidelines in January, but Hisako Saito, an associate professor of legal medicine at Chiba University and principal researcher of the study team, ...

Japan postmortems of COVID-infected patients finds virus stays in half

Kyodo 20 Feb 2023
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare eased restrictions on handling coronavirus-infected corpses in a revision to funeral guidelines in January, but Hisako Saito, an associate professor of legal medicine at Chiba University and principal researcher of the study team, ...

'Photoshop UAVs’ to ‘global drone leader’: US wakes up to Iran’s military prowess

Press TV 15 Feb 2023
"What they didn't tell us is that they used Photoshop to make it stop taking off from the roof of Japan's Chiba University, which built the aircraft and never had anything to do with Iran's alleged version of it,” read the report, questioning Iran’s prowess to build drones.

Detailed explanation of the FAQ overview related to “NFT tax” of the National Tax Agency ...

OBN 28 Jan 2023
Contribution by Professor Ayaya Izumi. On January 13, 2020, the National Tax Agency website published the “Tax Treatment of NFTs (FAQ)” ... An FAQ has been created to explain the taxation of NFT transactions, just like the FAQ for crypto assets ... Associate Professor, Chiba University of Commerce, Ph.D ... Part-time Lecturer, Chuo University Business School ... 9.

Revision of stablecoin guidelines, opinions of experts and lawyers | CONNECTV / video commentary

OBN 25 Jan 2023
Video content introduction ... I asked him if he was there. Video table of contents. This video is structured as follows ... Click here to watch the video. Performer ... After graduating from the Department of Law, Faculty of Law and Economics, Chiba University in 2015, graduated from Keio University Law School in 2017 ... ....

The National Tax Agency Releases Case Examples of Q&A on Final Valuation of Virtual Currency ...

OBN 21 Jan 2023
Virtual currency corporate tax rules ... Relation ... On the other hand, Junya Izumi, an associate professor at Chiba University of Commerce who is familiar with the taxation of crypto assets, believes that “disclosing information at this timing means that the content of the bill may have been almost finalized.” ... Relation ... Ayaya Izumi ... Relation ... ... .

By-catch fish gain popularity among diners, researchers

Asahi News 15 Jan 2023
Regulars of a sushi restaurant at a university research institute in Chiba Prefecture may be familiar with the “neta” (toppings) on the rice, but newcomers could be left scratching their heads ... Osakana Club Hama is located on the campus of the University of Tokyo’s Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture.

The coronavirus may spread from corpses, scientists report

Pioneer Press 19 Dec 2022
“In some countries, people who have died of COVID-19 are being left unattended or taken back to their homes,” said Hisako Saitoh, a researcher at Chiba University in Japan who published two recent studies on the phenomenon ... Organization at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Seven ways to make your apartment a happier place

The Day 15 Dec 2022
As Jaime Kurtz, a professor of psychology at James Madison University, points out ... One study at Chiba University in Japan found that exposure to forest sounds decreases sympathetic nervous system activity (which triggers the body’s fight-or-flight response) and heart rate, while inducing comfortable, relaxed feelings and improved moods.

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